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Today, AutoCAD is one of the best-selling product lines of Autodesk, and is used in a variety of industries for the creation of AutoCAD drawings (raster graphics). It is also used to produce architectural, engineering and construction drawings, mechanical designs, maps, web sites, technical drawings and more.

Below, we have listed out the complete set of courses related to AutoCAD 2020.

AutoCAD 2020 for MCA Students

This is a master course for students who are currently pursuing Bachelor of Architecture degree or 3 years Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture from any recognized Architecture University. The course will teach you the latest course on CAD which is used to make architectural plans, designs, models and visualizations. You will be taught from basics to advanced level.

The course comprises of 3 semesters of class room lectures along with an extensive online homework. Lecture notes will be provided to the students for study. The course duration is 4 weeks and the course fee is INR 3000/-

A thorough study of AutoCAD is prerequisite for this course. Since this is a master course, very high-level concepts of AutoCAD are taught.

The course syllabus has been created by faculty of the institute. The course fee of the course is INR 3000/-.

Complete details about the course are given below:

In this course, you will learn about:

The principles of Architectural Drawings and their Interrelation with CAD

Introduction to the Architecture Drawing

Introduction to the Basic Principles of CAD

Introduction to the Standard Concepts and Principles of Architectural Drawings

Introduction to Data Management and Plotting

Introduction to 3D Drawings and Interactive Visualizations

Introduction to Site Planning, Zoning, and Analysis

Introduction to Architectural Design

Introduction to Architectural Lighting

Introduction to Construction Management

Introduction to Construction Documentation

Introduction to Virtual Building Environments and Animation

Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Construction Documentation

Introduction to Energy Management

Introduction to Landscape Design

Introduction to Architectural 3D Rendering

Introduction to Water and Wastewater Facilities Management

Introduction to Green Building

Introduction to Architecture for the Performing Arts

Introduction to Digital Construction Documentation

Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

Introduction to Site Planning and Utility Design

AutoCAD X64 (Latest)

CAD models
CAD model format, the file format of CAD modeling tools, is based on the vector graphics model. Using a set of conventions, a CAD model consists of one or more components, each component being defined by a set of parameters such as coordinates, colors and materials.
For example, a component may be a line or a box, and the parameters for a line may be its color, width, and its two end points. Components may be combined using a connect (or “join”) operation.
By convention, a line is a path consisting of straight segments. The start of the path is designated by a set of coordinates called the “end point”. For example, the “end point” may be defined by a single pair of X and Y coordinates.

A CAD model is made up of a set of components that define an object, and one or more components that define the boundary or envelope of that object.

AutoCAD and other CAD-related software, such as AutoCAD Architecture, allow importing and exporting of a wide range of object modeling formats, including:
Vector, which is the native format for the design process
Parametric, such as STEP and IGES
Graphics Exchange Format (GEF), which is a group of standards for the exchange of model data between CAD tools
Parasolid is the native format for the object-modeling and solid-modeling techniques used in many CAD tools.
Open Architecture for Geomatics (OAG), used in some other CAD tools.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) has been used by some CAD software to describe models in a structured way.

Object modeling applications

Several CAD application packages are available for PC and Macintosh systems:

AutoCAD (AutoDesk, Inc., 1999) is a commercially licensed vector-based solid modeling software product, formerly known as CreoGeo. The most recent version is AutoCAD 2010, which is available as part of Autodesk Design Suite.
Architectural Desktop 3D (AD3D) (PTC Creo Software, 2006) is a specialized application that automates much of the design process in the commercial design of buildings, including building feasibility studies, creating furniture plans and specifications, performing parametric modeling for design, producing drawings and 3D visualizations for presentation, and managing project costs and schedules.
ArcGIS (ESRI, Inc., 2006) is a suite of tools that are used for viewing


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Update your drawings with minimal work. Export drawings that were made in earlier versions of AutoCAD and link them to your current model for better data management. (video: 2:21 min.)

Update to the latest product and feature updates with a click of a button. See the recent product and feature updates in the About dialog box.

AutoCAD has been redesigned to make it more enjoyable to use and to empower you with the best possible experience. View this video to learn more about the new interface.

Thanks for your interest in AutoCAD! Check back for new release information and product updates.

Watch this video to learn more about AutoCAD 2020 and AutoCAD LT 2020 release news.

Watch this video to learn more about the enhancements and improvements in AutoCAD 2020.

Join AutoCAD’s Expert Voices for monthly podcasts with product experts and developers from all across AutoCAD. Listen to podcasts on the AutoCAD Podcast channel on our website.

Autodesk has announced that the development of AutoCAD 2023 is completed, and the next major release will be released in 2020. Based on customer feedback and product tests, the AutoCAD design team has been working on AutoCAD 2023 for more than 10 months, and the goal is to improve the user experience to make it easier for you to work with AutoCAD to create effective and efficient designs and drawings.

In order to ensure the highest degree of quality for AutoCAD 2023, the development cycle for the release has been broken up into four development phases: Beta 1, Beta 2, General Availability (GA) and GA with suggested update (GAU).

The Beta phases provide a valuable way to gather feedback on products for possible inclusion in the next major release. This feedback is used to further develop AutoCAD 2023, and identify any other areas that need additional attention. During the Beta phases, AutoCAD 2023 will be updated regularly with many fixes and changes.

Beta 1

The Beta 1 phase will begin soon, and at that time, AutoCAD 2023 will be installed in hundreds of test computers. As part of the Beta 1 phase, AutoCAD 2023 will undergo thorough testing of its feature set and other key areas.

Beta 2

The Beta 2 phase will begin when AutoCAD 2023 has been fully tested. Beta 2 will provide all of the same high-quality, high

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