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The AutoCAD product line, renamed Autodesk Revit and now available as Autodesk Fusion, continues to develop after the acquisition of Raffaelo-Italy in 2017.

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One way of explaining the process of how AutoCAD was developed is to see it as a journey of exploration into what the future would look like. Initially, the product was created as a trial product which was then enhanced and developed over the next few years. The software would be delivered to the customer as a live demo where the customer would use it for a number of days to see how it could be used for a project. The customer would then be requested to provide feedback to the developer on how it could be improved or revised. This feedback would then be used to modify the software and make it more useful.

The early AutoCAD design (1982) was considered to be a fairly complex and expensive drawing application. It was based on a system developed by Cambridge Research Associates called the Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) System. This system used a simple interface that allowed the user to work interactively with a graphics terminal. Each user could work on a drawing at a terminal and the software would generate a “wall of rectangles” from the graphical information provided by the user. In the early days, one would type commands to enter information into the program and then move the mouse (or later use a trackball). Some other commands included drawing lines, circles, arcs and rectangles. Other commands allowed the user to open, close, create, zoom or crop drawings, change the order of drawing, add, edit, delete or undo drawing commands.

The following video gives a good history of AutoCAD from its inception to its current version and some of the key enhancements.

The earliest versions of AutoCAD were available in DOS, CP/M and UNIX. A variety of internal graphics terminals were used by the software. To access the terminal user would need to insert the required disk into the drive. The graphical interface was created in the form of a “wall of rectangles” which represented the drawing that was being drawn by the user. The interface was similar to a boardroom white board with the user inputting information on a chalk board. The first version of AutoCAD was written in Pascal, a subroutine-oriented programming language that allowed the software to be written in a high level programming language.

The first release of Auto



AutoCAD Serial Key Map 3D

AutoCAD Crack Mac Map 3D is an extension of Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen 2009 which was launched on August 24, 2011. It was officially released to AutoCAD users in the January 2012 AutoCAD 2011 Release. It replaces AutoCAD Map 2007 and AutoCAD Map 2010. AutoCAD Map 3D is an extension of AutoCAD Map and is distributed as an installable.exe file. It supports the new 2013 geographic data layer, called Revit by Autodesk. In 2013, Autodesk announced AutoCAD Map 3D would replace both AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD Map 2010.

The product was created in conjunction with the release of AutoCAD 2009 (R20). At the same time, Autodesk also released AutoCAD Map 2007 and AutoCAD Map 2010 for AutoCAD 2007 (R19) and AutoCAD Map 2009 (R18), respectively.

AutoCAD Map 3D can read and draw vector data such as DWG files, DXF, EDS, SVG, and JPEG images. It can also read and write geometry and display layers in Revit by Autodesk. It is linked to and exported with DWG and DXF files.

It is available in a single-file or multilingual edition. Its map viewer can display three layers simultaneously, including an elevation layer, which can be selected or hidden. It can show or hide objects in the map view.

Customers of AutoCAD Map 3D include Shorinji Kempo Academy in Japan and the American Association of Engineering Societies.

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AutoCAD Incl Product Key

From the home page, go to ‘Manage’, ‘Change License’.

Click on ‘Import the License.xml Key from’
This will open the link in new tab.

Click ‘Open’ and follow on screen instructions.


There are 2 options for you:

If you have download version of an application and activated it, than follow this guide:

Go to “My Autodesk Account” and select “Key Management”.
Click “Add Key”.
Enter your password (if any) and save the key.
Click “OK”.

If you are using the Autocad Service, login to the Autocad Service with your Autodesk Account and update the profile.

Open your profile and go to “Keys” tab.
Click “Import Key”.
Enter the key you have saved on the “Add Key” and you can choose the key source.

You can use more than one key (if you want to) and also with the path to where you have stored the key.


Open Autocad from a folder and make sure you have a valid license.
Goto Help->Keys
then click Import and follow the instructions to import your license.


my static library(lib) contains a raw file, how can I avoid including it into my app?

I create a static library which contains a raw file:
static library file structure:

#include “a.h”
int main(){ return 0; }

#include “a.dsw”

#pragma once

//foo bar

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Changes to the 2D Export functions:

Add your company logo to the exported DWF, PDF, and DWFx files, even for the DGN (Adobe Illustrator) and JPG (Adobe Photoshop) export files. (video: 2:27 min.)

Significantly faster 2D exports for medium-sized drawings.

Support for exporting to Microsoft Visio (coming soon)

Completely revised Print Manager:

The Print Manager now makes it easier for you to find and set up your own print shop, including:

The ability to assign your own custom user name and password for your print shop.

The ability to easily send your drawings to a network printer, even from the command line.

Ability to set up your own folders to organize your files.

Ribbon tool-bar customization in the new Print Manager.

Ability to save customized ribbon menus for reuse.

Revised Print Tray:

The revised Print Tray gives you the ability to manage Print Settings from within the print tray and set up your own document preview panel.

The ability to customize the toolbar and ribbon tabs, as well as the font and color.

Get all the details about the new Print Manager and Print Tray in the new AutoCAD Web Help.

Revised Color Dialogs:

The Color Dialog in the DesignCenter and Import dialog now includes:

Color Picker Control

Color Preview Control

Color Symbol Preview Control

Color Tab Control

Color Variants Control

Grayscale Control

Hue-Saturation Control

Hue-Saturation and Separation Control

Luminosity Control

Gradient Control

Advanced Gradient Control

Presets Control

Presets Tab Control

Palette Color Controls

HSL control

HSLV control

CMYK Control

Saturation Control

Separation Control

Luminosity Control

Grayscale Control

Advanced Gradient Control

Presets Control

Palette Color Controls

HSL control

HSLV control

CMYK Control

Saturation Control

Separation Control


System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
Minimum 1024 x 768 display resolution
32bit or 64bit CPU
Minimum 2GB of RAM
1GB of available hard drive space
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