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Otto I, Count of Nassau (died 966) was Count of Nassau from 923 until his death. In addition to Count, he held the county in fief from the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and was concurrently Count of Hoya and Landau.

His parents were Otto, Count of Saarbrücken, and Bertha.

Otto’s brother, Berthold I, Count of Nassau-Saarbrücken, was married to Matilda, Countess of Sponheim and they had a son named Herman I, Count of Sponheim.



Category:10th-century rulers in Europe
Category:Counts of Nassau
Category:10th-century German people
Category:966 deaths
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latest fiscal year and the closest year of financial data
available. The Commission considered, however, that the
Company’s application contemplated a rate base of $110,000,000
and therefore that it was “inappropriate to employ for
purposes of this proceeding the audited financial statements
for 1992.”

– 4 –
The Commission did, however, determine that
the Company’s rate of return on its post-sanction investment
would be approximately $6,000,000. The rate base for that

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