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Rendezvous Full Crack is a cool cyberpunk game in the genre of survival, management and strategy developed by Indonesian developers Cvn Studios. This game is currently available in the Indonesian language only on the Android platform and the PC platform is available for the downloading.
Game Features:
Survival / Management / Strategy
Rendezvous is a survival/management/strategy in the genre of survival, management, and strategy games developed in the world of cyberpunk for Android.
The player must manage the resources and other facilities to build a successful building and manage the community.
There are some management as well as building facilities which includes the residential building, office building, hospital, sports club, supermarket, coffee shop, club house, laundromat, gym and many others. These facilities make the game a more interesting.
Rendezvous contains a lot of building game features, namely furniture, vehicles, games, and others.
Game Center:
• Show awards to players:
• Allow players to compare achievements with other players
• Players can quickly compare with other players by including achievements in the game.
• Create an achievement in the game by selecting the number of stars that obtain.
Game Features:
Rendezvous provides the player with a number of vehicles, namely motorcycles, cars, trucks, trains, and helicopters.
Additional Facilities
There are also a number of additional facilities, including a drum, fishing rod, and others.
And which game are based on the world of Surabaya Indonesia area and offers a unique concept that is a survival management game game.
Buildings Facilities
Rendezvous is an atmosphere of the Indonesian city of Surabaya.
Only a building in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.
The PC version does not support the touch screen, unlike the other platforms.
Key Game Features:
• Survival – Get from zero to twenty stars. This game allows players to get credits at the start.
• Management of the Town – To build a house, arrange a road, and build a community.
• Minimal elements in the game – The style of Rendezvous is minimal, and is simple to play.
• Addictive – The game is addictive and there are many elements that are fun in the game.
• Game is not based on the Android system –
The game is not based on the Android system, so the user interface and the hardware are not affected.
System Requirements:
• Android system version 2.


Features Key:

  • Google Home
  • Game environments and play testers
  • Share score on your game page.
  • What is required?

    You need to own a Google Home to play the Rendezvous game. You don’t own a Google Home?
    Go to Voice and buy one!

    You need to have fresh Google Home WiFi connected to your Google Home. Google Home will try to connect to WiFi for 10 mins before releasing the game.
    You need the Rendezvous Control App installed on your Android device to control your Google Home.

    Get started!

    To get started:

    1. Download the Rendezvous control app.
    2. Make sure you have a Google Home integrated Google home page!
    3. Next, go to the page of the Google Home you want to use
    4. Enter the application link for the app in your Google Home page.
    5. If you need help or have any questions, send me a message to my email.

    How to play

    First, Press you Google Home button if you are using a Chrome/Windows or Android device.

    Make sure you are on your Rendezvous Control App interface, look



    Rendezvous Serial Key is a cyberpunk-themed arcade game where players eliminate enemies by running them down with vehicles. The game’s twist is that the player comes to the game with the “POW” (Player-Owned Vehicle) – a motorcycle with a passenger compartment.
    The player picks up a new partner that he or she controls with a joystick and track ball. While the player-controlled motorcycle is equipped with all the necessary tools and weapons, the partner does not have access to any weapons and can only defend themselves.
    Players pick up guns that increase in power based on how many times they shoot. As an alternative, players may pick up special ammo called telekinesis where the player uses the joystick and track ball to move around the environment and throw objects, damaging opponents and removing obstacles.
    The more times the player shoots or telekinetically throws objects at an enemy, the more points the player is awarded. Players can choose their partner’s level of power from one to five levels. As players work their way across the map and complete missions, they earn money which they can use to purchase new weapons and equipment.
    The combat in Rendezvous Cracked Accounts is unique and the weapons available in the game are new and innovative. Rendezvous Torrent Download is the first Indonesian game to be released in Europe that is a cyberpunk-themed game.The game is currently being offered in European outlets (tentatively starting in February 2011).

    About The Developer
    PHANTOM GAMES, the developers of Rendezvous Free Download, are an independent team of four game developers who are currently based in Surabaya, Indonesia. The team have developed many simulation games, adventure games and role-playing games and they were also the winners of the Novelty Game Festival Indonesia in 2007.PHANTOM GAMES began development on Rendezvous in 2007, after the studio was told that the game they had developed as a school project, as a science-fiction game with fighting elements, would not sell. The game was initially called Multitasker and has undergone many changes during development.
    The development team consists of four game developers, who meet once a week to discuss ideas, progress, plans for the future and more.

    About The Game
    Indonesian Game Rendezvous is an action-driving game that takes place in a cyberpunk version of Surabaya. Players control a small group of revolutionaries who try to escape from the Surabaya Police with the stolen “POW” (Player-Owned Vehicle


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    Until the 22nd of July, Australian game studio MAFREN will have a presence at the Indonesian game rendezvous in Surabaya

    Sea GamePlay with Indonesian Game Rendezvous:

    British Gameplay with Indonesian Game Rendezvous:

    In the following reviews of the Indonesian Game Rendezvous, I will be looking at the new games that are released for the event.
    Why not join us:
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    Want to stay connected to Indo Game Rendezvous for more game play details within Indonesia and around the world?
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    published:09 Aug 2017


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    What’s new in Rendezvous:


      Rendezvous Dome (initially known as the Hunt Dome until 1979) is a major stratovolcano on the island of Hawaii on the North American Plate. It formed away from the site of its present summit and is one of several volcanoes that compose the island of Hawaii. Rendezvous Dome is well known because its east flank is fairly youthful, while the west flank is older and shows a distinct alteration boundary.

      Rendezvous Dome contains several volcanic domes, crater lakes, several cinder-flow deposits, lava flows, several lava tubes, fumarole vents, and a 17,000-year-old cinder cone containing the volcano’s summit. The dome has a volume of, with a summit volume of around.

      In 1979, the country of Grenada in the West Indies claimed the volcanos of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, which are on the island of Hawaii, by means of the Continental Act. These claims have never been recognized by the United States or any other country.

      Volcanism at Rendezvous Dome began in the Pleistocene, about 300,000 years ago. During that period, intermittent lavas erupted and cooled, at least once, producing at least 11 lava dome deposits.

      The present volcano is largely the result of activity related to one of these lava domes, named Puna Domes A and B.

      The original lava dome E was built before the Pleistocene period and destroyed 7-10,000 years ago. Lava from the cone was erupted over at least the past 17,000 years. During this time, lava gradually spread laterally to form the present crater lake at the south end of the long central summit ridge. The present lake occupies part of the space formerly occupied by volcano E. Another large collapse occurred about 13,400 cal yrs before the present to form the lava field and cave known as Puna Domes Canyon to the northwest. The dome was subsumed in the 14,000-y B eruption about 12,000 cal yrs ago, forming a smooth, long lava flow over the preexisting dome. The lava is exposed below sea level, and flows to the southeast, dropping down through a series of small, fast-flowing channels as Bumadera, Puu O Keau, and Waimanu creeks.

      A 2012 study showed that, geologically


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      How To Crack Rendezvous:

    • Download the game,
    • Extract the game,
    • Play the game,
    • Have fun!



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