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In the distant future, mining is the most dangerous and most important job on the planet. It is mind-bogglingly difficult, but even more dangerous than the huge dangers and huge rewards. The mining operation consists of a multitude of giant metal structures, called Gates, which are the home to the miners, and also the biggest threat to their lives.
A new world called Terraria is starting to emerge from the ground of the land, and it is inhabited by a people of dwarves, humans and ogres. Mining in these circumstances is a risky proposition for human miners. What will you do in the mine?
Golem Gates is a true puzzle game. It’s a mysterious and horrifying game, to be played alone or in co-op.
The game’s single-player mode is divided in three “Gates”, each one containing an assortment of puzzles and enemies which change as the game progresses. Each player character has specific combat, hacking and mining skills. The enemies attack by moving and attacking the surroundings. The players can use the environment to their advantage. Don’t get stuck in a corner! Always look around, preferably around the corner.
As this is a first-person action puzzle game, players need to focus carefully on their surroundings and get the best timing on solving puzzles to survive.
Golem Gates takes place on a futuristic planet, called “Gorelm”, which is taken over by mad machines called “gols”. In their war against humans and dwarfs, they can’t risk having human miners as their greatest threat. They had destroyed the gates and defenses of the human miners, and only few survive. In order to keep the gols at bay and give humanity a chance to rebuild, they called for a new generation of gate miners, who no longer had the power of their forefathers, but instead of destroying themselves with their power, they used their gift to create a new kind of life for the human people.
This is the story of three elite and unique Gate miners. You follow them in their struggle.
They are called “Sarkar”, a set of young wizards, “Vayghesh”, a wandering “knight”, and “Guvristh”, an enigmatic and lethal female warrior.
The game takes place in a world of “Terraria”, where the ground is slowly emerging from the depths of the planet. Civilization is only just starting to emerge from the old homelands.
The moment you start the game, the world


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Golem Gates is an isometric roguelike, in which the player will travel between the floating layers of the AI-controlled city of Ajaar.
Inspired by the world of Giger, and the likes of HPL and Morrowind, but told in a new, simple, but extremely Lovecraftian way.
Please also be sure to check out the DevLog for more info on the creation of this game, as well as some very cool concept art.

The Rifters are a mysterious Order who have instructed you to take a rare item from the Gates of the Gods to a location within the floating city of Ajaar.
Not only do you need to deal with the pirates and monsters who stand between you and the Gate, but you also need to navigate this featureless city without making too many enemies at once or else you will likely be killed in seconds.

I hope you enjoy. I’ve spent years of my life on this project, and now that its final days have come, I’m very happy with the result.

..So you went ahead and did it? I’m impressed. I’m glad you posted it.

There’s a variety of ways to do things in this game. You can open the gate yourself, or have some friends help you. You can take a boat, or just run and hope for the best.

The point is, the stuff that happens AFTER you open the gate, is your choice. And if you really want to survive, then you’re gonna have to be more clever and tactical than your enemies.

…Heh, I forgot, the main antagonist is not the gate. He opens the gate, and that is that. But the gate is under his control, and he is going to kill you if you get in his way. Thats the endgame

Dont mix them with the other ideas. This game is not about a quest and magic and a black golem and everything. It’s about the Gates of the Gods and the Race to open them. I mean, for every other idea you have, the answer is the same. Do like you did with darkest valley and focus on a simple story.

I don’t really see what your point is here. Of course what happens after the gate is a question of choice. But I don’t see how this changes the fact that the gate is a major point of the game. In the same way the game doesn’t have to be


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Storyline Golem Gates :

Based on the urban fantasy book Golem Gates by Todd Thomas, published by Paradox Press.


In the early days of the silver age, Archmage Tyclaus is a mysterious figure whose power grows as the era of magic opens. While his initial involvement with the Golem Gates of Yhorm was to banish their creation, his attempt to destroy them drove his legions of demons to a catastrophic loss in their race against the Gates, leaving them in a vulnerable, out-of-reach state. Now, with their gates once again active, he has re-engaged his sorcerer’s senses to their menace. Rejecting the offer of new recruits to his demon legions from his first and only surviving warrior, Riaael, he accepts an unlikely offer of one of her services to spy on the Forge of Harshmour, the Forge of Souls, and of the strange and powerful black golem his sorcerous senses have tracked to its gates.

Upon his discovery of this nocturnal fortress, where the souls of the Fallen are burned, he has set about rekindling his dormant powers and placing new bounds on them. He realizes he must contact the three beings who are the source of the Fallen’s power: the Forge of Souls, who are said to create them, the Forge of Harshmour, who provides them a material existence, and the third entity, the Demigod, who is said to select the Chosen – the elite warriors of the demon legions who, in most cases, live and die for their chosen ones. His plan is to persuade these beings to give him the upper hand in the war on the Golem Gates, but to do so, he must convince them of the errors of their ways.

Features Golem Gates Soundtrack :

Contains 18 original tracks and a 41:13 in length Prologue cutscene video.

The music from this game has been nominated for the Best Electronic Game Music and Best Soundtrack for the Games Awards.

Play Through Golem Gates


Features :


Take control of Riaael as she explores the mysterious golem forge and confronts the various factions within. Travel the Forge of Souls, Harshmour, and the demon legions and the legions of Archmage Tyclaus, yourself!

Fight through dozens of various enemy types in this fun and compelling game based on a popular urban fantasy


What’s new:

Golem Gates is a 1926 American supernatural horror film directed by James W. Horne. It was based on an original novel by Richard McKenna. The film was released by Warner Bros. The film features Lon Chaney as the title character, and Allan Gray as a newspaper reporter who encounters a demon on board a train. The film was filmed in 1919 but was not released until 1926. The film is part of the tradition of American silent monster movies that were later remade in the 1930s as sound movies, with more horror elements. Golem Gates was written especially for Lon Chaney.


Journalist Tom Halstead meets a strange woman on a train named Mrs. Hall. She claims to have recently returned to America after spending years in Paris with her sister. As the train makes its way to Nevada City, there is a thunderstorm with a storm front that ultimately splits the train in two, sending one train to Nevada City and another to Sacramento. Tom’s train, with the unconscious Walter, soon reaches Sacramento. The other train is stuck in heavy fog.

Tom investigates as to why Mrs. Hall was so upset about the storm. She reveals that she was a passenger on the other train with her husband, Philip, who died on the boat trip. After he left her to spend time with his secretary, Mr. Danville, she discovered blood stains and ashes in his bathroom. She also found that the woman was with him when he died, although the woman claims she remembers nothing of that time. Mrs. Hall then showed Tom a newspaper clipping in which a young man and his two friends have been murdered on the same train in Nevada City. The other man, Danville, is suspected, although it looks as if Danville killed the other man because of work. Tom realizes that Mrs. Hall’s suspicions are correct. Mrs. Hall then claims to know the identity of the murderer; she claims it is a man named George Grisewood. She says this is not the first murder he has committed and reveals that Mr. Danville has helped him murder his victims.

Danville then appears and announces that he is going to kill the train engineer, as the train will not be going all the way to Nevada City. Through the opening in the engine, Danville appears to be strangling the man. Tom then knocks Danville unconscious and he is thrown off the train. Mrs. Hall insists that she and her dead husband must get off the train to attend a funeral in Reno.


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