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This is the second chapter of the “Action Time” trilogy. And boy did we find a way to blow out the first two entries.
The first thing you’ll notice is this game is a bit different from the rest, most of them focus on one-touch controls which are often counter-productive in this game. This one is different, you have to use your brain to do all sorts of actions and deform the environment. To achieve that we’ve added a bunch of new features and mechanics to this game.
The first one is the unique rotation mechanic. By pressing the arrow keys, you can rotate the room in which you play the game. So, when you turn the screen clockwise, the gravity is going counterclockwise and vice-versa.
It’s the only way to control gravity, so keep that in mind. Also, as a bonus, the game now has a timer (if you haven’t noticed) which can be used as a point counter or to time the actions for crazy puzzles.
For those who’ve played the first two games, you’ll know that any action you do won’t just create a new button on the screen, if you do it in the right order, you’ll get a bonus, a bonus that can be used to push another button. We’ve also added the option to “hold a button” which is a touch-only feature. It can be used to create combos and to simulate the action of holding down a button. The only downsides are that you need to be quick in pressing it and it’s not very consistent, some times it’ll fire multiple times and other times it won’t.
The other mechanic you’ll be using is the new buttons mechanics. Clicking on a button will make that button turn red and once the button is red, you have to be careful and use that button as soon as you can. If you do, you’ll earn more points, but if you click on a button after it turns red, you’ll get none. You will get back the points, but be careful that you don’t click on a button twice in a row which would destroy it.
As the game progresses, you’ll have to use all these features. It’s all up to you.
This game also introduces some sort of world screen. It helps visualize the environment, speed and so on. Also, if you clicked the same button twice, it’s easier to tell which one it was because it will be the last button you clicked and turn green


PUSH Features Key:

  • New game strategies!!
  • New Hotspots!
  • Improved game speed!
  • Added songs!!
  • Added background sound!!
  • Hotspots reorder!!


PUSH Download For Windows

Heya, im Tom. I write the game, create and fix all the graphics.

Minimalist Game PUSH Activation Code:
I can’t create one without creating the other.
This one is different from our other games, because i decided to go for a minimalistic game experience.

We chose this smaller game size (less than 50 MB) as we were inspired by old games that were about pushing a red square.
The closest experience, would be ISLAND. I love that game.
The Push version was made as a tribute to that.

To celebrate the launch of this new game we are
giving away 0.5 BTC!

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, March 31st.

A big thanks to bitpay.me for the BTC prize.

Q: Why do we call it PUSH?
A: We actually considered calling it PULSE, but decided to chose PUSH because it has a happier sound.

Q: Is there a goal?
A: If you manage to finish the game.

Q: Why is there only one button?
A: because thats the simplest way to explain it.

Q: What exactly is PUSH?
A: this is a game about pushing all the buttons.

If you like our free games, you can also check out our own art game:

We’ve also worked on other games, among them ZENGE, HOOK and ART OF GRAVITY.
If you want to get in touch with us, you can find us on either of these channels:

Our website:

E-mail: g@noodlepixel.com

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PUSH Crack + Free For Windows


There is no timer, however, upon completion of a level, you are given an overall score based on your button pushing skills. A 1-5 rating is assigned based on the complexity of the puzzles. To get higher overall scores you must to be able to match the level of difficulty. There are also many online leaderboards to compare scores with other players!

PUSH is inspired by real life testing methods to let you know if you are ready to be a test operator.

How it works:

The controls are simple:

You are presented with a 5×5 playing area.

You have a maximum of 5 buttons.

You use your mouse to move left and right, and click your button to push it.

PUSH features 3 levels of difficulty. The 5th level is unlocked after completing all the other levels.

There are 25 levels in total.

Each level consists of 5 unique puzzles:



Beginner (Very Easy)

Intermediate (Medium)

Beginner (Hard)


There are 5 buttons in the “square”: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.
You have to push all the buttons correctly to complete the level.
The points given in each level are based on how many button are pressed (ie you should not push buttons left and right just to get 5 points in one puzzle).


The same as the previous level, but the buttons are rotated 45 degrees.

Beginner (Very Easy)

The same as the previous level, but the buttons are rotated 90 degrees.

The difference is that you don’t have to push them to the right. A push on the top side or the left side is counted as a 0, but a push on the right side (if there is one) is counted as 1.

The same as the previous level, but the buttons are rotated 45 degrees.

Beginner (Medium)

The buttons are arranged in a 4×4 grid.
You push the buttons to the right.

Each level consists of 5 unique puzzles:

Beginner (Hard)

This is the hardest level. Its also the most rewarding, however, the perfect score is very low.

The difference is that the buttons are not in a grid, they are all on a


What’s new:

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