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Mercury Fallen is the first game from independent studio JLL Studio, an award-winning digital production studio based in Austin, TX. Mercury Fallen is a Colony Management Game, but JLL Studios is constantly experimenting with new genres, concepts and mechanics, so please look for additional games to come down the road.
Mercury Fallen is built with Unity 5 and was tested on Mac and Windows. A Linux test build is available as well as a moddable test build. We are interested in hearing from potential Linux and Mac users.

My name is Sébastien and I started JLL Studio in 2007 to create wonderful and original games. Between 2008 and 2011, we successfully published several games on a variety of platforms; In addition to games, we love to make art, both games and other interactive works. We are a team of 13 people, most of whom are concentrated on games development.

Mercury Fallen is a colony management game. The game is in the early access alpha stage and is not yet feature complete. Please read the Early Access info at the top for more details. After being sent to a distant planet, a group of colonists awaken to find that their stasis capsules have malfunctioned causing them to oversleep. The once-new facility has fallen to ruin. The first goal is to reconstruct and revive the facility. You’ll have to deconstruct the ruins of failed facility and mine for resources. Construct rooms and various equipment for producing materials, robots, power, water and managing colonist needs.

Discover new resources, discoveries and lore as you explore and exploit the planet surface using a variety of constructed vehicles. Expand your power network above ground with a variety of power generation methods.

Manage your colonists’ needs by designing and constructing sleeping, recreation, dining areas and more. Each colonist has unique quirks that affect their behavior in various ways. Manage colonist schedules to ensure they stay happy and motivated. Grow clones and assemble robots to expand your facility population.

Manage your colonists’ injuries, ailments, jobs, quirks and needs. Grow various terrestrial and alien crops for material and meal production.

Uncover additional colonists, robots and discoveries hidden in collapsed sections of the Mercury Facility.

Build and manage power and water resources.

Research technology to unlock new structures, recipes, crops and more.

Send your colonists to explore points of interest on the surface.

React to and prepare for random events such as cave-ins and crop


Features Key:

  • Attack All Bugs in the Real World – the game not only presents enemies with contrived game mechanics (empty
    spaces and critter-infested areas), but the simple fact is that there is more real environmental and
    biological life to attack than in most video game.
  • Progressive Story Levels – a rag-tag team of UI artists, game programmers, fine artists, a student artist and
    editor interns work on the manual copy-editing, illustrations, sound effects, programing, programming,
    programming, illustrations, manual editing and facing of the reality of the world we live in.
  • Critical Game Interfaces – many things in game are cumbersome, inconvenient, slow and non-intuitive. The game
    interfaces are an attempt to make game play a seamless, minimized, gaming experience.
  • Combat – gamers want to be able to fight their way out of life’s difficulties (in the game). They demand
    confrontation, they demand chaos and randomness in game play. The Butcher delivers and offers a new
    paradigm of game play which can be integrated into anywhere – real-life or not.
  • Personal Challenge – the game’s leading design engineer who by the way is a mohawk haircut furry when
    he’s not smoking and playing Warhammer 40k desperately wants to compare the game a traditional amusement
    park with his medieval skewers.
  • Did you know that Bugs eat things? Bugs have wings, stings, sperm, “bipolar bowel bleeding”, an entire
    digestive tract and get into tight places and stuff. The Butcher is put to the test in the most amazing
    situations imaginable. Zombie lizards, crumpling plates, all forms of biological destruction will need to
    be excused for the game play’s, (new) fresh approach of game play.
  • 1

    What makes the game fun and worthy of the challenge is that it is not the same game as a traditional
    casual 1,2,3,4… game. The game has so many:

    • Frenetic Racing
    • Swipe


      The Bug Butcher Download [32|64bit] 2022 [New]

      Since ancient times, human life and death, endlessly. Meet the bug and get bigger and more powerful, in a fight for survival.
      Mysteries and mythical stories, in the fierce fight for life and death.
      Dig up and find the ancient puzzle, so that the human race can live again, and now there is a gun out of the sky to shoot.
      Game Your life Your defeat
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      The Bug Butcher Full Product Key Download [Latest]

      Collecting items is tedious and annoying. An Enforcer fixes that.
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      What’s new in The Bug Butcher:

      Is in Town

      By David Anne Travis, Brushfire

      The drive out from Boise to the ranch was a good one – we were going to not only achieve an easy 225 mile round trip, but we would also be seeing some history.

      Our destination was the home of Lester Thurow, the famed economist and author who had served as President of the College Board, giving us many years of delicious and vacuous economic analysis to help us get through high school. It was time to catch a ride up to his place, meet him, and learn of his philosophies and life’s work. He had always been a hero of mine; any grown-up who could a) come up with the idea of an Economics course at Harvard and b) write a bestselling book on the subject was a special kind of person, not to be missed, and I was eager to meet him.

      The drive was an easy one to imagine, departing through Boise’s South Hill Highway then taking a direct road to Thurston and then eventually on into Lewis County. Unlike mine, however, his was pretty. A white landscape surrounded by fields of clouds of grass, spread out beneath a thin, clear sky. The sun shone warm on the green homes and barns on the hillsides of his town, And Then There Was Christmas lights, glowing yellow, gold, and blue, decorating the homes on his road. Turning off the highway onto Thurston Way, we passed a mom-and-pop grocery store with an old two-story house out back, painted bright, and decorated with Christmas lights inside and out. It looked perfect.

      Then the house between the store and the highway came into view. It was THE house. It was my idol’s house. It was huge. There were Christmas lights at its front, sparkling like a million candles. Mr. Sunlight decorated the front lawn to make it look like a glorious and loving realm full of jollity and joy, and it was here that the famous author spends Christmas, and it was here that I was going to learn many things from him. Upon its door was a sign reading, “Mr. Thurow is out these days, but would appreciate visitors in his home life if possible. Please do not disturb.”

      I did nothing.

      So I found a drive-through. Turned the key and squeezed onto the lane alongside the home. Along it flocked Christmas decorations. There were enormous wreaths, garland


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    System Requirements:

    Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP1
    Video Driver: Microsoft® DirectX 11 compliant video driver is required for the game to run properly.
    2XMS™ Activation: Two-step verification service required, free from Microsoft. Only Xbox Live Gold members and subscribers will be able to play Forza Horizon 4. Visit to sign up for two-step verification.
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