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Name The Spatials
Publisher Admin
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You are the captain of a Space Colony that is about to go online.
Your job is to make the colony prosperous and you can do that by growing food, entertaining the guest, and providing various services. If you can work everything out, a lot of money will come in and you can use that to expand or improve your colony’s systems. But in the end, your success depends on the quality of the crew working on your station.
Key Features:
● Online Multiplayer
● Big Lots of Space
● Customizable and upgradable space station
● Unlockable upgrades
● Galaxies to explore
● A variety of puzzles
● Random events
Inbound! You have been contacted by a customer who would like to have a look around your space station, he needs to go through all the rooms and the different parts of the station.
You have two ways to go about it. One way is you can tell the customer where the main entrances are and help him get there.
But to do that you will have to build all the different entrances for him, and then all the spaces in between that need to be connected to the entrance.
The other way is to ask a crew member to help the customer and let him go where he wants to go.
Make sure all the entrances are connected and the customer will end up in the right place to meet the destination you set him in.
The customer can get lost or become stuck in the station, but that’s no big problem. Just run some elevators and he will find himself on the right floor.
Your crew is the only thing that truly matters, and since you’ve been chosen as the captain, you have to work on your station to show the customers what the future of space travel is all about.
The station will be built from scratch and you will need to build different things as the story unfolds. The more the crew will grow and the more they will give you information about the colony and the world around them.
Worried you will get to far away from home? You can travel throughout the Milky Way in your space colony, but the longer you stay, the higher the risk of getting lost and getting stuck.
And that’s all there is to the story of Space Station revolution.
If you like what you see, check out the full version of this app!
Also, come chat with us on Steam and Reddit!

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The Spatials Features Key:

  • A SPATIAL GAME! You guide Stirbot through the Cave of Wonders on an epic adventure.
  • TREASURE CHEATS! This version features bonus ultra-rare ancient treasures for you to unlock, giving you even more gameplay.

    ! Or bee’s-eyes, idgaf.

The Spatials

The Spatials

The Spatials Game Key features:

  • A SPATIAL GAME! You guide Stirbot through the Cave of Wonders on an epic adventure.
  • TREASURE CHEATS! This version features bonus ultra-rare ancient treasures for you to unlock, giving you even more gameplay.

    ! Or bee’s-eyes, idgaf.

The Spatials

The Spatials

The Spatials Game Key features:

  • A SPATIAL GAME! You guide Stirbot through the Cave of Wonders on an epic adventure.
  • TREASURE CHEATS! This version features bonus ultra-rare ancient treasures for you to unlock, giving you even more gameplay.

    ! Or bee’s-eyes, idgaf.


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In a world where humanity is ruled by biotechnology – and its quest for excellence – the ordinary, the normal and the dysfunctional can simply upgrade themselves through a series of genetic enhancements.
The typical life of a human is but a brief moment in this process. They are born, they work, then they die.
With the last of humanity on a derelict planet, mankind establishes a permanent base and quickly launches an expedition to find a new home. On the alien world they encountered, they stumble across a titanic organic life form – the Spatial – and soon learn that its incredible intellect has far greater potential than any human could ever dream.
With its remarkable connectivity, the Spatial is no mere resource to be exploited; it is a living organism whose success depends on the harmony and cooperation between the individuals that comprise it. The goal is to establish a society of life on a previously lifeless world.
Over the course of 10 years, you build your community, create your own culture, negotiate with the Spatial and sustain it for the future. Your success is measured by how much it continues to be.
Features All terrain and gravity manipulation:
The Spatial is endowed with 8 gravitational control points and use them at will to maneuver, travel through space and turn into walls.
The Earth is no longer the centre of gravity. All movement is relative to the planet.
Your Spatial can teleport people and objects between rooms in your station. Place them where they need to be in any room.
You can also teleport people and objects from your room to any room or empty space.
Announcements and messages:
Your people can send messages (text, pictures, sound) to communicate with each other or the Spatial – in public or private space.
You can also read your entire people’s internal messages to understand their behaviour and their feelings.
Binary relations:
No longer is it impossible for a love story to exist in a community of space-dwellers. Relationship of a sexual nature can be identified directly between two consenting individuals of any gender.
Adoptive relationships can be established between children and a parent.
Your own culture will evolve over time as your society adapts to the world around it.
You can choose from a multitude of race, gender, species and orientation combinations, customise their appearances, and assign them skill sets.
Research and development:
Your people have a complete knowledge of human biology and of the universe.


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Let’s go back to the 80s with “The Spatials”, a 2D tile-based life simulation RPG that’s shaping up to be a touching, avante-garde game about… being a space station attendant.
Let’s grow some hair, John….

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What’s new in The Spatials:


    The Spatials is an album released on January 22, 2009, by the Korean-American musical duo Brian Fresco & Sylvie Vartan under the label known as Karaoke On The Moon. It is their fourth studio album and their first after switching labels. The album includes the singles “Don’t Have Another” and “Gold” that was performed on the Korean music charts. The premiere of the single “Don’t Have Another” was held on the SBS entertainment show with an acoustic version that showed on the program’s monthly Progress.

    When asked how he felt about the album and his first time coming to work with label’s music director Thom Panunzio who worked on his first two studio albums, Fresco replied, “Great, I’ve worked with him once before and I feel like he’s an artist and has his own sound; his own sound that can fit anyone’s kind of style… I had a lot of respect for my first time working with him and I’m glad that I get to work with him again with this album, because I feel like that was the first time I was able to find my own identity, and I hope that he sees that on this album.” Fresco also mentions that both of them had worked on the production of Elvin Bishop’s “Bubble Guitars” album for another label and ended up benefiting as if they have known each other for a long time.

    Track listing

    From the compilation albums that were released during the months when the singles were available to download along with the respective music videos.

    English introduction
    “Don’t Have Another”
    “Hate In France”
    “Stress Every Living Time”
    “Don’t Have Another (Acoustic)”
    “Don’t Have Another (Acoustic #2)”
    “Hate In France (Acoustic)”
    “Stress Every Living Time (Acoustic)”
    “Love Is Love”
    “I’ll Do Anything”
    “World Of Wonder (World of Wonder Mix)”
    “Don’t Have Another (European Remix)”
    “Hate In France (European Remix)”
    “Stress Every Living Time (Acoustic)”
    “Forbidden Desire (Acoustic)”
    “World of Wonder (World of Wonder Mix)”



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    How To Crack The Spatials:

  • Download “Game The Spatials” from given link. Install in PC when done.
  • Then run the apk files. You will find the icon of The Spatials in app drawer/menu.


How To Play The Game:

Download Game The Spatials Apk.
After download, go to My Android and Open the File.
when APK open click on install and wait for so long. Then
Open Game The Spatials and enjoy.


and it's done.

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