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Thorn of Warldia is a turn-based strategy game that contains the stories of three countries and 17 chapters. In the game you will meet two special characters, Charizard (the legendary dragon from the Pokémon series) and Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh is a legendary bird from the Final Fantasy series that resembles the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker and is the herald of the Nolk Empire. Together with these two characters you will roam through the Nolk Empire and challenge its defense systems that will crumble when you are fast enough and strong enough.
This game also contains the stories of Thorn’s journey to find the King of Death, a legendary character from the Final Fantasy series. You will meet many different people during your journey and along the way you will complete quests that will allow you to become stronger and stronger.

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Dec 15, 2012

You are a young man whose travels take you to many different places. You soon find yourself in a land where a race of deadly creatures called “The Septomaniacs” roam free. An old warrior, the wisest of his race, explains that these evil monsters were the creation of the Septemhex, and that they will be the downfall of mankind if something is not done about it. The warrior tells you about the existence of a magic scroll called “Mehrunes Scroll”, which has the power to banish the dangerous monsters once and for all. He then asks you to recover the scroll before it is too late.

This is one of the most hard-core action-RPG games to ever hit the App Store. With a smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics, this game is one worth checking out. There are 8 playable characters. Each character can be leveled up 10 times, and they can each be given a special ability. The best part is that you can switch between characters to change your play style


Features Key:

  • Buy it on Steam
  • Customer support in English and in Arabic
  • Multi-Language support
  • In-Game Tutorial and Tips
  • 12 x Intuitive control
  • Online multi-player
  • Upgrade Your weapon
  • Available on PC and Mac OS
  • The game is fully compatible with W10
  • Buy it on Steam


    About the game

    The story is set 100 years after the great cataclysm, in a world under threat from a volcanic eruption. Laganus, the last known survivor of the Tula crew is reunited with the girl he loved, and manages to transfer his understanding of the science of nature within the human mind to the clones around him! Help these new inhabitants return balance to the world by hunting down the manipulative beasts that are helping the corrupt politicians of Black and Yellow lead the forlorn remains of humanity under their charade.

    The game is currently


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    Story :
    Green Grass is a band of friends who care about their country, and know that they are heroes because they serve their country, and protect her citizens. Green Grass has always been a part of what the people called a peaceful time, and for the most part everything is going smoothly, but one day… A group of bandits ambush them and try to kill them. Thorn (a brave man who takes care of his country) is the only survivor, and he and his band now try to escape from the hopeless situation.
    Features :
    This game is all about turn-based strategy and tactics. The main game will feature battles in three countries that are based on real countries. In battle, you can command 8 units with a wide range of weapon types, skills and strengths. Combat takes place in well-designed 2D battlefields.
    Familiar game elements like “limbo rooms” and item chests will be in use.
    The game will have loot boxes, so you can get new equipment when you battle.
    Game will be in English language.
    Store Content:
    Loot boxes containing a variety of new equipment will be available. These boxes will contain rare items that can be traded to other players.
    This game comes with a user-friendly interface that should make it easy to learn how to play.
    The game may have a limited edition release.
    Key Features :
    – All kinds of traditional turn-based strategy and tactics are available.
    – A variety of units, weapon types, skills and strengths are available to command, each with their own personalities.
    – A good deal of strategy is required to command each unit in a battle with 3,000 units!
    – You can command and battle with a wide variety of units – even infantry!
    – Each unit has its own strengths, weaknesses and personalities.
    – There are many items, weapons and equipment available.
    – You can select your tactics before the battle begins.
    – There are many different items in loot boxes.
    – Many other goodies like strategy guides and new weapon recipes.
    – You can get some of the best equipment in your units by trading with other players.
    – Thanks to the leaderboards, you can compare your rank with other players!
    – Other exciting features will be available after the release!
    Version Release Date :
    Main Game version: 1.09.20 June, 2020
    User Interface: 1.10.20 June, 2020
    Data Management: 1.12.20 June, 2020


    The Thorn Of Warldia Registration Code Download [Latest] 2022

    The Thorn of Warldia tells the story of Thorn and his band Green Grass as they travel through three different kingdoms in search for answers, and they have to survive the dangers and adventures that awaits them in their journey.
    Green Grass is a band of adventurers who are hired to perform various tasks across three different countries. Thorn is the leader of the group, and he is a powerful warrior who will stop at nothing until he discovers who has betrayed him and how his band have been ambushed by the Monarch.
    There are many dangers, traps, enemies and hidden secrets that awaits Thorn and his band Green Grass in this hidden world of adventure.
    The game is made up of 3 separate kingdoms. Play through the 3 kingdoms separately to have a full experience, or play the story through the game from the beginning.
    The game map is fully dynamic, meaning that in play mode, both towns and terrain will be able to move.
    Navigate through the various locations by using your GPS and set a destination by clicking on the map.
    The game consists of 18 Chapters which you can buy or download for free.
    Combat in The Thorn of Warldia is turn based, meaning that you will be able to control a single unit at a time.
    Each unit has 4 different classes, as well as different weapon classes.
    Each of your units will play with their own characteristics, and you will be able to assign customised roles to them.
    With the alliances system, you will be able to make alliances between units or even make friendship with enemies. Alliances will appear as units and combat stats, and you will be able to save them for later use.
    Customise your character with different costumes to make them more unique, special or even stealthy.
    -It also includes various modifiers that will make your battles even more challenging.
    The Thorn of Warldia includes special abilities that your character can use to his/her advantage. All of these abilities can be upgraded and modified, and you can equip them to units.
    The enemies in the game will all act independently of each other, meaning that they may not always act in the same way, and they all have their own agenda.
    The enemies range from being weak until strong, and some of


    What’s new in The Thorn Of Warldia:

    A one-shot story about a crossdresser bard. So, I’ll leave this story alone here. I’ll put a main page up with the title and description at some point.

    In the distant future, a world called Warldia has just come out of a civil war. Now far along in the centuries, the Capital city has metamorphosed. Under the queen’s rule, nature and survival are a part of the lives of all in this world. A new series in the archives are about to begin with the woman whom lives inside and out, always struggling to determine a place in a world within a world.

    James tells you about the story.

    “Who might you be?”

    Harry turned around slightly, staring with a raised brow and a half-smile at the half-drunk strange man sitting in the next stall, a filthy armrest in between them. The world was scary, did he know this fellow? What was he doing in the amusement park anyway? For that matter, who was he?

    “My name is Matt. Or mat– Well actually, I’m not much for names these days. I’m, uh, really not much for any of that, being a transvestite, that is. Trans is a better term for my kind than, uh, crossdresser would be. Anyways.”

    “A transvestite?”

    “Yes, that’s the best term for what I am. A walking, talking paradox. Don’t say you’re not a fan of paradoxes, it’ll be a short discussion you’ll have with your new…friend.”

    Harry frowned.

    “OK, so, uh, how did you get stuck in this room? It’s not like the amusement park has another door around here, right?”

    In a quieter tone of voice, “You’ll see that soon enough, unless you want to try something later…like, willingly. Act as if what we’re doing right now is natural, and you probably won’t have that problem.”

    Matt finished his drink and set his glass down on the desk between them, before looking back at Harry with a wide smirk.

    “What a predicament you’re in,” Matt said, leaning against the wooden panel, leaning forward and wrapping his hands around Harry’s knees, looking pensive for a moment, “I wonder what you’ll do now. You’re an interesting individual. And so unique. Not


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    System Requirements For The Thorn Of Warldia:

    Game of Thrones is playable with an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or Intel® HD Graphics 4000 GPU or better; a system with an AMD Radeon HD 6670 or better is supported.
    You will also need an Intel Core i5-3570 or better processor and an Intel Core i7-3770 or better processor.
    We recommend minimum 4GB of RAM and a good gaming computer.
    For best results, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or better and an AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better is recommended.
    Game of Thrones requires a


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