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Name Void Of Space
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Space is a dangerous place. No matter who you are and where you come from, you can be taken from your home and moved to the margins of the Universe!
What are the reasons and who’s behind this? One day, to explore, colonize, discover, and maybe even save the human race, the crew of the space exploration ship Genesis IV is sent to an unknown planet. However, in the infinite vastness of space, they were not expecting to find a single, abandoned ship, and they are the only one’s between this planet and the rest of space…


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Features Key:

  • Neat graphics and game play
  • Player with unlimited lives and no time limit
  • Simple one touch control
  • Character control – R-left/right and S-up/down

Void of Space Game Tutorial:

Action and Controls:

  • Player space.
  • Click 1+2+3+4 to move the player in the corresponding direction
  • Press SHIFT to move the player backwards /sideways
  • Press WASD or Mouse to turn the player left / right
  • Use mouse wheel to tilt the player


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Void of Space is a survival horror sandbox game that blurs the line between exploratory adventure and survival horror. Take on the role of a Support Droid that awakens after 500 years cryogenic sleep inside a Genesis IV colonizing ship. Your memory is failing, you are frail and your surroundings are hostile, but your sole companion is a lovely droid that you control using your mouse. You will have to explore and unravel the mysteries around the sealed ship, plus any life that you encounter will be hostile, your only companion: a charming droid. Your primary and only aim is to survive.
Void of Space was begun with the original vision of creating a randomly generated, sandbox game that allowed the player to become immersed in an intriguing story that blurs the line between a survival horror and a space exploration game. The journey to the unknown with nothing but the galaxy for company, the challenge of fulfilling the visions you left behind, and the simple pleasures of being alone with your thoughts – a player’s dream, so to speak.
Void of Space is a big game. With a complete open world to explore, alternate story path to take, items to craft, equipment to find, enemies to kill, weapons to evolve, and ways to survive: all with nothing but your wits and a strangely adorable companion to help you on your way.

Here is the first part of my new game:

The game was created with a strong vision as part of Essen 2013, this is an “Alien Shooter” but with 3 huge differences to the norm:
– The core mechanics, inspired by a UFO that landed in the past and the crew was taken away.
– The Main character, who is the only survivor of the UFO and she must explore the depths of the ship and find a way to escape.
– An innovative, procedurally generated level, where a lot of things can happen

Ocean’s 33The Land Is Dead Away on the other side of the planet the world had ended.

New Age Gaming StudiosAlien Explorations
New Age Gaming Studios presents it’s newest game “Alien Explorations”
Alien Explorations is a 3D match-3 game that puts you in the middle of an unknown alien world where you will have to use your wits, agility and resourcefulness


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What’s new in Void Of Space:

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Multi-Azimuth Polarisation

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Downspike Simulator

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Receiver Processing

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They also allow you to modify and control video for any time of day.

Adding a telemetry set to adjust the video to the time at which you are measuring makes this device an important addition to a survey project.

Vail was designed to only record from one single azimuth. Adding a second azimuth allows you to use the set in rings 1 & 3 or rings 4 and 2.

2 Vertex Height Sensors

By adding a second set of vertex height sensors you can add multiple metres to your ground height measurement. This can be useful for survey projects where you need to drop the height from a node in a new set of cluster points when a new time is logged.

The Vertex Height Sensors are useful for projects that vary in height, for example monitoring volcanos, fences, trees, hills, dams, bridges, and more. These devices must be added to a “Vertex Height Set” and the configuration selected in the software.

Vail HD series

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Higher power requirements for the HD Series means there is no need to plug into the power in the field. Also, a standard AC to DC power supply can supply all the additional power needed.

Like the VailLite, the VailHT utilises the laser itself for the signal. This saves lab space and allows data to be collected 24/7.

HD 4K Video

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The VailHD sets include a QuickLink connection; this gives access to the Linux operating system allowing you to manage your


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How To Crack Void Of Space:

  • Download game from 2rums.
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  • To Run Game, Double click the setup on your desktop
  • Finished.
  • Void of Space:

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    Actual game release date (build version)

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    System Requirements For Void Of Space:

    1. DirectX Version 12
    2. Windows 7, 8, 10 ( 64-bit )
    3. RAM minimum: 1GB
    4. Hard disk space minimum: 100MB
    5. Internet Connection
    Reinstalled and tweaked menus and interface for easier and more intuitive use.
    Balancing and tuning, adding more custom and power play options.
    Additional features include better lighting and optimized sounds.
    Improved multiplayer for better play experience.
    General balancing and some other improvements.


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