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Taken: Hollywood’s Best Horror Films

View All Movies. Published on: Aug 19, 2017 by: moviesBollywoodHome Rating: Â, Version Date: Â, Version Notes: Â, Replies: Â. Film taken is a 2013 Hindi dubbed Hollywood horror film directed by Abbas Mustan, written by Jonathan Eiras and Claude Rains, produced by Magnate Films It stars John Malkovich, Common, Seann William scott, Isabelle Huppert,and Mira Sorvino as reporter Hannah Roarke. Taken The Truth (Full Movie 2016) taken The Truth (Full .
Taken 2 (2013). 280MB Rated M For MANIA, CHILD TERROR, gory violence, bloodshed, gore, torture and killing. (A .
18 Jul 2012 16:27 Taken, 2 (2013). 110MB Rated R for language, nudity, violence, some sexual references. (The tagline is “Nakat-i-filmati, umeem-e-khudi”. We have tried several different versions of this movie and we found that full .

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Download full Taken 2 (2013) Hindi dubbed movie in 720p or 1080p high quality from MovieTube. Full Cast of Taken 2 (2013) written by Jonathan Eiras and filmed by Abbas Kohan. Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed Movie: Taken, 2 .
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