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AutoCAD Full Crack is sold as a software suite, AutoCAD LT, which includes AutoCAD, DesignWeb and DWG Converter for viewing and converting DWG files, and AutoCAD Map 3D for viewing and rendering 3D landscapes. The software suite is available in three forms, a self-contained version of AutoCAD that runs on Windows, AutoCAD LT that is a free version of AutoCAD, and AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD Map 3D for the web and mobile apps.

AutoCAD for iPad


Along with the software suite, Autodesk also offers AutoCAD textbooks for classes, technical books and online CAD training.

AutoCAD in Business and Education

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD WS are both authorized for use by educators in the United States as long as teachers follow the guidelines set out in the American Society for Engineering Education’s “Core Curriculum” document. The Core Curriculum is an instructional design methodology, setting goals for student learning, and also helps teachers establish the content of their classes, and design tests to measure learning progress.

To meet the demands of the Core Curriculum, Autodesk has written a variety of AutoCAD curriculum textbooks and hands-on courses, and has made it easier for teachers to develop their own curriculum.

Learning & Development Center

For technical assistance, the Learning & Development Center provides AutoCAD training, support and information. The Learning & Development Center operates in the UK and the USA.

American Society for Engineering Education

The American Society for Engineering Education is a global association of university engineering programs. The American Society for Engineering Education’s Core Curriculum, or ASCED, was established in 2003 to support the creation of educational programs of at least four years in duration and that meet the needs of the U.S. education system.

The ASCED Core Curriculum offers a framework for the design of a program for Engineering Education majors, addressing five important areas, as follows:

ASA 5450 – Computer-Aided Drafting

A formal program in CAD is desirable for students whose career goals are in the area of technical design, drafting and engineering visualization, and who do not require a second major in computer science or mathematics.

The ASCED Core Curriculum

AutoCAD 22.0 Product Key Full Latest

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Architectural Design Professional by Mentor Graphics offers a CAD system with more than 75 features to enhance the design process.

There are free 3D modeling tools such as Blender, Cycles, Filmbox, Google SketchUp, Krita, Maya, Modo, Sketchup, and 3DS Max available for download at various websites.

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Other methods


User Interface changes

Autocad 2019r2

Other versions

Autocad 2016


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What’s New In?


Launch two-step drafts for making your designs as automatic as possible. (video: 1:25 min.)


Allow you to expand and reduce shapes interactively without changing the coordinates. (video: 1:10 min.)

Smart fit:

Save room in your drawing by reducing the size of overlapping objects. (video: 1:35 min.)

Drafting Shells:

Specify a list of shell sizes and sizes can be changed as needed. Invisibility can be used to make it easy to add line text or other objects. (video: 1:35 min.)

Model Envelope:

Specify the envelope to restrict a drawing object to a particular area of a drawing. (video: 1:30 min.)


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