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Note: this article also has information about AutoCAD Tips, AutoCAD Controls, AutoCAD Scripting and AutoCAD 3D. For AutoCAD 3D tutorials, visit the 3D Graphics tutorial category.


AutoCAD – Overview

AutoCAD – Usage Tips

AutoCAD – Customize

AutoCAD – Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD – Quick Reference

AutoCAD – Comparison with other CAD software

AutoCAD – Licensing

AutoCAD – License & Pricing

AutoCAD – Terminology

AutoCAD – Basics

AutoCAD – Detailed Properties

AutoCAD – Toolbars

AutoCAD – Graphical Views

AutoCAD – A – Z

AutoCAD – A – G

AutoCAD – How to Install

AutoCAD – Mac OS X

AutoCAD – Android

AutoCAD – iOS

AutoCAD – Additional Resources

AutoCAD – Autodesk Webinars

AutoCAD – Import/Export/Backup

AutoCAD – Blended Components

AutoCAD – Custom Settings

AutoCAD – Drawing Tools

AutoCAD – Drafting Tools

AutoCAD – Dynamic Component Library

AutoCAD – Dynamic Viewport/Paper Size

AutoCAD – Editing Tools

AutoCAD – Extensions

AutoCAD – Formatting

AutoCAD – Guides & Grid

AutoCAD – Import/Export

AutoCAD – Project Library

AutoCAD – Printing

AutoCAD – Properties

AutoCAD – Project

AutoCAD – Project Sharing

AutoCAD – Rendering

AutoCAD – Spacing & Symmetry

AutoCAD – Text & Dimensions

AutoCAD – Value Charts

AutoCAD – Video Tutorials

AutoCAD – Working with Custom Components

AutoCAD – Tips

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks 2

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks 3

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks 4

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks 5

AutoCAD – Tips & Tricks 6

AutoCAD – Tips


The List command allows listing the elements in the model.
The User command allows for input of user command into the list of parameters.
The Report command allows for automatic email of an engineering report.
The Script command allows for programming of various engineering tasks.


In an interview with Gizmag, Vaughan Pratt of Think3D Software said that AutoCAD helps make engineers “not only be successful, but to be very efficient.”

Profiles in AutoCAD provide a means to automate drawing creation in AutoCAD. They support a wide variety of objects and are related in that they share common options. Profiles also support scripts. AutoCAD templates allow for the creation of new profile setups or creations that can be used as templates.

AutoCAD offers the following profile types:

These provide a means for setting object and system parameters. The standard profiles found in the program are “Paint”, “Direction”, “Object”, “Part” and “Wizard”.
These can be saved or created from an existing object. They have different features and are referred to as “Save” (standard) and “New” (for when creating). Templates can be saved and distributed as well.
Profiles for specific object types:
These types allow for specific parameterization of specific objects. For example, a profile could exist for a specific architecture, a profile could exist for specific lighting, and a profile could exist for detailed drawings.
Profiles for specific tasks:
These types are for creating a profile that performs a specific task. For example, a profile could be used for creating detailed schedules, creating general schedules, or creating generic schedules.

Technical support

AutoCAD Technical Support is a combination of three concepts:
A member community that can address technical questions on the AutoCAD forums.
A Technical Service Desk that can help answer technical questions about the AutoCAD program using the AutoCAD Technical Exchange (Ax-Ex).
Technical assistance on the help file website.

The following are the addresses for these support tools:

AutoCAD Forums: The AutoCAD forums are available for anyone with AutoCAD to ask questions and get answers.
AutoCAD Technical Exchange (Ax-Ex): The AutoCAD Technical Exchange is available to everyone with AutoCAD. If you’re using AutoCAD Technical Exchange (Ax-Ex) you can easily submit technical issues to

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License: GPLv2

Author: NTCS Authoring Team
License: GNU GPL v2
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What’s New In?

Radical improvements to the dynamic tools for entering text and graphics, called the AutoDrawing™ tools. You can create professional drawings using just your keyboard and the mouse. (video: 11:01 min.)

Enhanced collaboration through

PDF Sync: Automatically, quickly, and securely share PDF documents using email. (video: 7:48 min.)

Collaborate using the web by uploading your favorite PDF files to SketchUps for free. (video: 4:03 min.)

Comprehensive new user features.

Geometry navigation with Add View, Select View, and Navigate commands.

Improved AutoLayout tool that simplifies geometry creation for more efficient and accurate drawings.

Geometry tab for quick access to tools and options for all geometry types.

Powerful new vector and editing tools.

Joints are a simple way to create control joints and network systems with only one command.

For an overview of all new AutoCAD features, visit the new AutoCAD2023 website.

Explore other new features in AutoCAD 2020 in the 2020 release notes, or watch the following videos:

Also in This Release

New features in this release include:

Speed up and simplify your work

When you add text, drawings, or images to a drawing, you can now add rich text formatting. This formatting includes things like bold, italics, underlines, bulleted and numbered lists, cross references, and more. In addition, you can now add text to drawings without first adding text to the drawing, simply by typing over the existing text.

Use the new “Document” command to add text to drawings and to import files. You can then edit text or images with the same commands used for editing text and images in the Document window.

You can now edit text and images in the Drawing window directly, without the need to switch to the Document window. For example, you can now add more controls to a window using the Dynamic Snapping feature.

AutoCAD 2020 can now work with all major Web browsers and platforms.

Support for new Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps including ProModel.

Create new projects with a layout template from any file on your local network or in the cloud, as well as from a web browser.

The LayOut feature enables you to make changes to the paper size, window size, and canvas of

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista
Processor: 2.2 GHz dual-core processor or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 700 series, AMD FirePro M-series or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Disk: 12 GB
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
Additional Notes:
(1) Some game updates may not be compatible with some of the new hardware features.
(2) Some game updates may change the way audio is handled. In

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