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. me a glass of water or some food, and rather than give me a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you gave me a detailed and thoughtful response. You took time to think carefully, and I loved it. Of course, you didn’t need to explain yourself, but your willingness to did make me love you all the more. I didn’t know a brother like you existed, and I hope we’ll be friends for a very long time.” She paused for a moment, slowly looking over at her brother, “I love you.”

“Uhh… I love you too, Claire.”

As the two of them shared a loving embrace, Yang sighed in pure bliss. For her, it was worth it to wait for the happy ending. And since she was the perfect person to give the bad news to, she had no regrets.

As the two of them continued to hug, Weiss, who was sitting silently by herself, lost patience with the newbie of the group. “Well, you think this is a touching moment, but I’m leaving.” She got up and grabbed her sword, “I’m heading home to see how the rest of the world is doing. If you try anything, I’ll be back.”

The other two were absolutely shocked at Weiss’s reaction. It was Yang who spoke up first, “You can’t leave! Weiss, we haven’t even started our missions yet!”

“I’m not leaving, Yang, I’m going home.” She gave her sister a deadly look, then she turned to Blake and Raven, “Now, I want you two to get these two out of here. If they try to escape, you know what to do.”

The two of them didn’t say a word, knowing exactly what their leader wanted, and they got up and escorted the three teenagers out of


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