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Daily Walk

I am thrilled this morning to share that My Deer for Today newsletter has landed on its 150th day of publication! My Deer for Today is a refreshing way to ensure we ‘keep our eyes on the deer’ in any of our surrounding activities. This morning’s newsletter went out to 487 people. In particular, it will encourage our walkers to pay attention and maybe even join us on our next walk, which I will share with you when we do it!

And if you have been looking for a warm friendly place to be for the holidays, you may wish to consider joining us, that way you can interact with the deer and learn to be one with them as we share the importance of being in nature.

This holiday season, I am delighted to be on the ground floor of building development, helping to create The Deer House at Hanga Piko.

The Deer House is a beautiful educational venue, which will tell us the story of how the human population stole the deer from their natural habitat. We will share with you the physical space and so much more that this land contains. This will give us a chance to share things like this, as well as our personal experiences and values – experiences and values, which are ever evolving, and changing all the time.

I invite you to explore further at**
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