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In the face of such an enormous amount of work (and the fact that this is such a new version of wubi, with changes in boot process, filesystem layout and etc), we have unfortunately to close this question as “unanswerable”.
If anyone comes across a solution, please post it here and I will provide it with the same credit you have shown.

In a move that could not only save a popular day camp in Maine, but also allow a special needs boy to play sports with his peers, an NBA team is donating a pair of tickets to a Portland youth basketball tournament to help raise the necessary money for basketball lessons.

The Portland Trail Blazers will be on hand Friday at Apponaug High School to present the pair of tickets to a local nonprofit that provides athletic activities for kids and teens with physical and mental disabilities.

Portland has the NBA’s smallest market – about 600,000 fans compared to 1.4 million in New York City – and one of the lowest concentrations of millionaires.

That means those young kids who are lucky enough to have parents who are willing to pay for them to see the Blazers at the Moda Center will never forget this kind act of generosity from the players and team employees.

“It’s amazing to have the NBA and such a wonderful organization like the Portland Trail Blazers really get behind this great cause,” Apponaug High School Principal Nancy Hildebrand said. “These kids have never been in these circumstances before and we know it’s going to be amazing for them.”

The NBA community is also coming together to donate money to help purchase essential equipment like sneakers for the campers.

This is the seventh year that the Trail Blazers basketball team has hosted Community Night at the Moda Center.Vector pattern phase 3

We’re building a little angel system where the sprite’s velocity is controlled by a very simple vector pattern. We can have some odd behaviors. Watch through them all to see how sometimes the sprite moves in all different directions at once, and other times it jinks around. Eventually, we’ll glue the sprite to a quad, and we’ll be able to move its position in space, and see if it looks good.

The problem with this is that with a 100% rigid body system, we can’t quite get the behaviors we want. We can’t bend the sprite at

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