Initial D Sub Indo 720p Vs 1080p ^HOT^

Initial D Sub Indo 720p Vs 1080p ^HOT^

Initial D Sub Indo 720p Vs 1080p ❤❤❤ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Initial D Sub Indo 720p Vs 1080p

Initial D: Legend 2 (1080p) [Central Anime] DOWNLOADQ:

draw text on bar with specified limits

Is there a way to draw text on a bar graph and specify the limits with which the text should be displayed?
I want to draw an arbitrary number of points on the x-axis of a bar graph (ranging from -1000 to 1000) and the points should be equally spaced on the x-axis. The text should not be drawn on the x-axis, instead on an outside interval of the x-axis. That is, if the graph is drawn like this:

I want the text to be drawn like this:


The \mbox command is the one to use:

\addplot[only marks,mark=*,draw=red] table {
-100 1.058209
-50 1.832754
-10 2.007563
10 1.969988
50 1.788742
100 1.093677
150 0.918804
200 0.802024
250 0.795056
300 0.760081
350 0.656674
400 0.594290

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