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Mp Full Installer (Mac) [0 MB].Faced with growing criticism over its decision to jump on the NATO bandwagon and threaten war with Russia, a Spanish newspaper published a letter from Adolf Hitler begging for the restoration of diplomatic relations after the Western powers bombed German soil.

El País newspaper on Thursday published a posthumous letter from Adolf Hitler to Spain’s ambassador in Madrid, Miguel Suárez de las Mulas y Argote, dated April 4, 1945, which was on display in the newspaper’s offices.

The letter, which was translated into English and quoted in the article, was written after Hitler was informed that the Allies had begun bombing German cities on March 24, 1944.

According to the translation, Hitler wrote: “I assume in the name of our friendship the first obligation to ask your embassy to take all necessary actions to restore diplomatic relations, with the intention of meeting a friendly state, Spain, to discuss everything that’s been happening in the world lately.”

“Hitler assumed, in view of his history, that Spain would have the nerve to call on Great Britain to stop violating international law by bombing civilian targets, which were Germany’s own soil and his own troops,” wrote the author of the article, journalist Cristina Sánchez.

Following the publication of the letter, the British ambassador

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